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Love - the Spirit's Power
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The greatest power in the universe is the love of God manifest and defined in the Lord Jesus. When that love is released into our lives through the Spirit we live the life that we were created to live – truly free and at rest from which we work his works in the circle of our world and beyond. These six hours will not only reveal this incredible news of God’s unique love but explain how we partake and participate in that love; how we release that love into our daily lives and into the lives of those around us. In such release our lives are never ordinary and boring but alive with the love that is the life of God. Living in this love as a fish lives in the sea is the way of wholeness and effective living.

This series is from our December 2014 Retreat.

Six Hours
1:The Mystery of Love, 2:False Love, 3:Love Triumphant, 4:Power of God, 5:The Mind of Love, 6:Costly Love

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