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Sale Bundle: The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus + What if That Happens to Me?
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This month only: Get 10% off The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus (full set) on CD and receive a second series 'What if That Happens to Me?' as your free gift -- UL 8996 CD PK

The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus - 5 Volumes on CD: Malcolm teaches a full hour on each healing encounter, using Jesus' examples of overcoming illness and disease to give you an understanding of healing. 

Vol. 1 -- 6-Hour Set: 1) The Nobleman's Son; 2) The Man With an Unclean Spirit; 3) Simon's Mother-in-Law; 4) The Leper; 5) The Paralytic; 6) The Man at the Pool of Bethesda -- UL 2101 CD

Vol. 2 -- 6-Hour Set: 1) The Centurion's Servant; 2) The Demoniac at Gadara; 3) Woman With a Hemorrhage; 4) The Man With the Withered Hand; 5) The Widow's Deceased Son; 6) Jairus' Deceased Daughter -- UL 2107 CD

Vol. 3 -- 6-Hour Set: 1) The Two Blind Men; 2) The Possessed Mute; 3) The Canaanite's Daughter; 4) The Deaf Man With a Speech Impediment; 5) The Blind Man at Bethsaida; 6) The Demonized Boy -- UL 2113 CD

Vol. 4 -- 6-Hour Set: 1) The Man Born Blind; 2) The Blind, Dumb, and Possessed Man; 3) The Women Bent Over Double; 4) The Man With Dropsy; 5) Lazarus; 6) The Ten Lepers -- UL 2119 CD

Vol. 5 -- 3-Hour Set: 1) Blind Bartimaeus; 2) Malchus; 3) Healing For You -- UL 2129

+ BONUS 27th HOUR: Malcolm Smith shares his testimony of healing.

Free Gift: What if That Happens to Me?

Discover how your greatest fear can be one of the greatest opportunities for a miracle. Learn how to properly respect and honor the One who created you. Rest in knowing you are secure under the shadow of His mighty arms. Experience strength for every unfamiliar situation. Then, watch your fears about tomorrow and the unknown disappear. -- What If That Happens To Me? - Overcoming - Fear of the Future or the Unknown -- 2-Hour Set: 1) Out of Your Comfort Zone!; 2) The Beginning of Wisdom -- UL 2029 CD

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