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This is a word-for-word transcription of the audio series We live at a time in history and in a culture that has little or no awareness of God. Some areas of the church have given such a picture of God that no one would want to live their life in His presence! Believers have very little understanding or consciousness of His being with us and involved in all that we do; He is given time in our life for a few minutes and then He is no longer relevant to everyday life. Those who are aware of the possibility of a life lived consciously in His presence crave to know the practical steps to take to bring reality to such a life. Many shy away from the very idea of life lived in His presence. They associate it with some miserable, unreal, out of touch with reality kind of person who quotes Bible verses, a party pooper who never has any fun in life. The Bible depicts a life in His presence that is enjoyed in the midst of this world, working our jobs and enjoying the play and relaxation that He created for us: a life that is shocking, even scandalous to religion that depicts such a life as serious to the point of morbid, frowning at fun and the normal pursuit of life. This series is from the December 2005 retreat. -- Cultivating an Awareness of God: How to Connect with God --5-Hour-Set -- UL 2737 WD

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