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CONFRONTING THE LIES (10% off + Free Shipping)
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"Who am I? Why was I created? Why do I feel so rotten about myself? Why is it so hard to act like a Christian?" Malcolm offers down-to-earth teachings to deal with these nitty-gritty issues.

In these teachings, Malcolm will expose the hurts of childhood and help you discover how to overcome them. Walk hand in hand with him as he exposes such everyday concerns as relationship problems and the emptiness you sometimes feel inside. -- Confronting the Lies - Living Without the Pain of Rejection -- 12-Hour Set: 1) How to Get Rid of Shame; 2) Ashamed or Accepted?; 3) The Pain of Perfection; 4) Overcoming Parental Rejection; 5) Performance Approval; 6) Gangrene Gossip; 7) Living in Denial; 8) Deadly Love; 9) Getting Even!; 10) Stilling the Pain Within; 11) Out of Control!; 12) Not Without the Spirit! -- UL 1922 CD

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