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Being Made Whole (1&2)
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Being Made Whole Part I -- Part 1

The perfect series for a new believer, Being Made Whole, incorporates Malcolm's most life-changing messages of all time -- Search for Self Worth, Freedom From Fear, Learning How to Love -- in a fresh new message that will bring wholeness into the confused life of a new believer as well as the lifelong Christian who has lost the savor of a life in Christ. This series comes in two parts and makes for a great gift idea! -- 4-Hour Set: 1) Spiritual Health; 2) The Attitude of Fear; 3) The Illusion of the Lie; 4) Name Change -- UL 2333 CD

Being Made Whole Part 2 -- 4-Hour Set: 1) Living the Gospel; 2) He's Been There; 3) If You Would Bless Me . . . ; 4) The Real You -- UL 2337

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