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Sale Bundle: Scandalous Love + What If I Lose Everything?
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This month only: Get 10% off  'Scandalous Love'on CD and receive a second series 'What If I Lose Everything?' as your free gift! -- UL 8998 CD PK

Scandalous Love:
The good news that comes to us, Jesus Christ is shocking, a scandal and repugnant to the human mind and the religion that springs from it. These hours consider the shocking wonder of God's love in Jesus and its implication on our life. The Gospel is examined in such a way as to leave us speechless, worshipping and forever transformed. -- Scandalous Love -- 4-Hour Set: 1) Into Our Wilderness; 2) You Are Precious!; 3) The Scandal of God's Love; 4) Experience His Love Now -- UL 2742 CD

Free Gift: What If I Lose Everything?:
How can we find freedom from our financial woes? When tough times hit you in the face, strike back! Trust in the God of great supply. Experience freedom from worrying about money. Learn how to use finances as an act of worship to God. Enjoy financial freedom by resting in the knowledge that God will take care of you. -- What If I Lose Everything? - Overcoming - Fear of Financial Failure -- 2-Hour Set: 1) In God We Trust?; 2) Financial Freedom -- UL 2049 CD

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