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HOPE - The Forgotten Strength
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- Have you prayed for someone or something and God seems to be silent...and you are losing hope? - Are you in a situation that is causing you extreme worry and you are losing hope in the promises of God? - How you do you look at the future? Is it bright with hope or dark with despair? - When tragedies strike what happens to your hope? - Have your dreams been shattered and you have lost hope? - Have traumatic events in your past killed the hope within you? - Are you afraid to hope? - How do you keep hope alive? - What does it mean to hope in God? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you find yourself in the midst of any of these questions you are not alone! Multitudes live with little or no hope or with a false hope that has no foundation. Many live on the verge of despair numbing the pain with food or drugs. Others cling to a Gospel that offers no hope for this present moment. Tragically In the midst of this universal cry for hope the church has in great part forgotten that the central message of the Gospel is that true covenant hope has come in Christ, hope that takes over every part of our life bringing us the abundant life that Jesus promised. Without this true hope we are in the ranks of the walking dead. In this series, you will enter the Holy Spirit charged atmosphere of true hope. The five hours of teaching by Malcolm Smith focus on the covenant hope that is the source of the strength that is ours through Christ and why it is largely forgotten by the church. In this teaching you will discover: The difference between covenant hope and false hope Where covenant hope comes from The power of Hope to transform our every day lives The canceling of anxiety and worry through hope How hope infuses us with divine strength Why hope is the source of joy, peace and love How powerful prayer begins with covenant hope How hope affects our emotions, minds and bodies What is the blessed hope of the believer.

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